Friday, September 19, 2008

Welcome to Tales of Two Losties !

Welcome to my new blog, Tale of Two Losties !

The goal of ToTL will be to publish essays on an interesting subject that I think is currently missing in the big world of LOST fandom: discussing the relationships of the dozens of characters, through the course of the show.

From romantic "ships" to philosophical pairings to friendships, I will eventually attempt to cover every possible connection that each major character (and some not so major) has to every other character. As a new blog, I will be starting with some of the "smaller" relationships, and over time work my way up to the biggies, but in a way I think you'll find that some of the stranger pairings actually offer up some of the most interesting things worth discussing. But don't worry, shippers, eventually I'll get to your favorite geometric shapes too.

Through Tales of Two Losties, I'll be presenting a history of the relationship to date (as of this writing, the end of season 4), pointing out important scenes and dialogue, and also attempt to forecast where they might be going in seasons 5 and 6. Then, in the future, as seasons 5 and 6 air, I will also eventually go back in some cases, to update them with the new information we find out.

It's a huge project, as I've already identified 200+ such relationships that seem ripe for discussion, but that just makes it seem all the more worth discussing.

I look forward to seeing what visitors to the blog think of each pairing of Losties !

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